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From coffee, to chocolate, to drink mixes, to over the counter drugs,

I've worked on a wide variety of CPG brands over the years.

Here's a small sampling.


This campaign engaged consumers to visit the Hershey's website for hundreds of recipes. Website traffic increased threefold within weeks of the launch.

Art Director
Creative Director
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Maxwell House Coffee

Maxwell House and Folgers advertising has been largely indistinguishable for many years. So, the challenge was to create a campaign that only Maxwell House could own. And to create a campaign that was global in scope. Oh yeah, and do it on a very limited budget.

The solution was to adapt the lyrics of "Our House" by the group Madness and have those groups sing the song in their house. In this case, a firehouse in Dublin, Ireland.


We introduced Tang to a new generation of moms and their children throughout the world. The print campaign invited viewers, especially kids, to visit the Tang website to become Tang Water Troopers and gain access to a wide variety of interactive games and puzzles. Moms were also able to find discount coupons and more information about Tang products.

Art Director
Creative Director
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