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I have had the opportunity to work on quite a few healthcare brands – over the counter drugs, direct to consumer pharmaceuticals, as well as national and regional healthcare systems – all with an eye toward building brands and returning shareholder value.




For people who have had a heart attack, reducing their cholesterol can help prevent another attack and help them lead a longer, healthier life. For this Zocor campaign we used compelling stories to deliver our message: Zocor helps lower cholesterol so you can "Be there."  The campaign successfully helped Zocor become a billion dollar brand for Merck Pharmaceuticals.

Creative Director

Art Director



Relenza was the first prescription drug proven to reduce the severity and duration of influenza when taken within the onset of symptoms. Our campaign, which included consumer print ads as well as doctor office literature and posters lead to a highly successful launch for Glaxo/Smith-Klein.

Creative Director

Art Director




Not surprisingly, people who survive a heart attack or stroke are concerned that a second event could happen. To launch Plavix, a drug that prevents blood platelets from sticking together and clots from forming, we let people know that Plavix could help prevent a second heart attack or stroke from sneaking up on them. Reassuring them they didn't have to live in fear. After all, life does go on.

Merck Source


This campaign promoted as THE place to go to find simple answers for any and all medical questions and concerns. After launch visits to the site more than tripled.


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